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Integrated, objective and coordinated services

Investment Management

Capital Investment Advisors is our investment management division created to provide robust money management solutions to serve as vehicles driving towards your financial goals.

As a financial plan is only as strong as its implementation, we offer services through our investment divisions, Capital Investment Advisors, Inc., for access to a diverse and sophisticated offering of money management solutions. Our goal is to provide non-biased and the best available recommendations to help achieve your unique needs. Our vision is different. We have a forward-looking approach, one that aligns your portfolio with the evolving markets to capture returns and balance risk consistent with your goals. This dynamic approach is embodied in three core themes you will hear repeatedly when working with us:

Rooted in Modern Portfolio Theory, we believe that asset allocation is one of the single most important factors towards performance, more so than market timing or security selection. However, outside factors like taxes and fees are also a critical and often overlooked piece of the equation that we consider when making recommendations.

In addition to diversification at the asset level, we believe offering a range of reputable third-party portfolio strategies and money managers provides the flexibility and expanded resources needed to succeed in today’s global and interconnected markets.

Emotional decision making is the enemy of sound investing. To help keep your plan on track and goals within reach, we provide the education and understanding to take ownership of your portfolio, instilling the confidence in your financial plan necessary for maximum long-term success.

We have acquired a platform of institutional quality investment strategists that develop portfolios to meet your ideological needs without sacrificing performance or diversification. Ranging from environmental sustainability, human rights, consumer protection and impact investing, we provide solutions that consider more than just the bottom line.

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