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Don't Let The Coronavirus Threaten Your Retirement...

Click here to download "9 Mistakes Investors Make: Important Reminders During Market Volatility"

Dear Fellow Investor,

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned our financial system upside down. 

We’ve seen unprecedented job losses, a lightning-quick plunge in the stock market, and a near-total economic shutdown.

This is an especially scary time if you’re close to retirement. If you’ve experienced a drop in your investment accounts, you might wonder if you’ll be able to enjoy the future you worked hard to create.

Unfortunately, you can’t go back and protect your wealth from the recent losses you’ve encountered. But there ARE steps you can take…if they’re the right ones.

Enter John Girouard, CFP®.  John’s helped investors in the Washington, DC area grow and protect their wealth for nearly 40 years. He’s a columnist for Forbes and the author of “Take Back Your Money! A Survival Guide For The Next Recession, The One After That, And The One After That.

“My clients have a plan,” John said at a recent event. “I’ve been preparing for the stock market to go down more than I’ve ever prepared for it to go up.”

To help investors during this unprecedented period of market turbulence, John is offering a free special report, “9 Mistakes Investors Make: Important Reminders During Market Volatility.” Click here to get your copy.

But John wants to do more than that. He wants to help you protect your wealth during these unsettling times.

So if you're at all concerned about how the Coronavirus recession will affect your finances, John and his team at Capital Asset Management Group would love to speak with you. Enter your information below, and let's take the next step together!

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