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Webinar Replay: You Got A PPP Loan, But The Rules Have Changed. So Now What?! Thumbnail

Webinar Replay: You Got A PPP Loan, But The Rules Have Changed. So Now What?!

Understanding The New PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules

The Payroll Protection Program has helped countless small business owners across the country. But the rules on loan forgiveness recently changed, making it easier for small businesses to get PPP loans forgiven. 

On July 8, Sam Boyd, CFP led a webinar on the steps small business owners can take to get their PPP loans forgiven. You can access the slides for the webinar by clicking the button below. Please note, we will have a video replay of the event available in the coming days.


Get the video!

 Topics Covered

Below is a list of items Sam discussed in his webinar.

  • Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Major Updates
  • PPP Application Extension
  • Forgiveness Period Extension
  • Payroll vs. Covered Expenses %
  • Safe Harbor Extension for FTE’s and Wages
  • FTE Reduction Flexibility
  • Payroll Tax Deferral
  • Extension to PPP Loan Deferral Period
  • Loan Maturity Extension
  • Should You Use 8 Weeks or 24 Weeks For Your Loan Forgiveness Application?
  • EIDL and PPP Loans
  • Documentation and Forms

Now Offering PPP Consultations And Paperwork Services

We recognize that each person's PPP situation is unique. So we're offering personalized PPP consultations free to current clients (and available at a nominal cost for non-clients). Similarly, we're offering PPP paperwork services. These are also free to current clients and available at a nominal fee for non-clients. Please contact us by clicking the button below to reserve a time for personalized help!


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