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Webinar Replay: The One Retirement Mistake You Can't Afford Thumbnail

Webinar Replay: The One Retirement Mistake You Can't Afford

Rethinking Your Retirement Strategy

In our experience, clients approaching retirement have the most trouble with one thing: changing how they think about their assets. Entering a new phase of life requires flexibility in thinking. As you move from the accumulation stage of your life into the protection stage, you give up the one thing you own and control – your ability to make a living.  Assuming the same strategies will apply in retirement that applied while you were working is a mistake you can't afford to make.

On December 3rd, I gave a presentation on how to re-think retirement to improve your odds at success. You can view the slides from the presentation below.

Get the Slides!

Watch the Video!

Topics Covered

Below is a list of items discussed:

  • The Three Phases Of Your Financial Life
  • Non-Financial Considerations In Retirement
  • The Social Security Question
  • The Importance of Liquidity
  • Medicare Costs
  • How To Transition Your Investments
  • Why The SECURE Act Made You Less Secure

You Don't Have To Face Retirement Alone

While today's webinar was general in nature, we recognize that each person's  situation is unique. If you want help reaching your retirement goals, we'd love to talk to you personally. Please contact us by clicking the button below. A member of our financial planning team will respond to you shortly.


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