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Today’s Travel Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank Thumbnail

Today’s Travel Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

When I was growing up traveling meant driving from Connecticut to Massachusetts. I still remember our biggest trip was all six of us piling into the family station wagon, without seat belts (it was the 1970’s) driving to Florida for the Christmas holiday. I was sixteen and we all agreed to forgo Christmas gifts and pool together our gift money for gas.

Have you ever heard of Rachel Ray’s television show called $40 a Day? My mother would have been her biggest fan.

In fact, I think the first time I ever got on a plane I was 21 years old. Travel planning didn’t involve staying in an Airbnb, or taking an Uber to the airport – it was determining how far you could drive on even-days since your license plate determined the days you could buy gas.

Obviously, besides giving away my age, any travel tips from those days are probably outdated. But that doesn’t mean that traveling needs to break the bank – in the 1970’s or today.

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