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Don't Let A Bear Market Crash Your Retirement...

For the last xxxx, the stock market has served investors well, returning an average of xxx per year. But the brutal Coronavirus Bear Market of 2020 has reminded us all just how risky stock investing can be.

The news has been worse for recent retirees and for those preparing to leave the workforce. While younger investors have plenty of time to watch their portfolios recover, investors in and around retirement are left wondering if they’ll still be able to enjoy the lifestyle they envisioned.

What’s happening now is a classic demonstration of “sequence of returns risk.” This concept teaches that “when” returns occur can have an outsized impact on an investor’s financial life. A retiree who needs to withdraw money from his or her portfolio to live, for example, could be in the precarious position of selling at market lows!

While it might not be possible to protect your portfolio for this bear market, you can still protect it from the next one…and the one after that…and the one after that…and the one…you get the idea.

Enter John Girouard, CFP®. 

John’s been helping investors in the Washington, DC area grow and protect their money for nearly 40 years. He’s an author for Forbes  and the creator of the Integrated Independence Financial Planning Method.

To help investors in these unsettling times, John is offering a free special report: “9 Mistakes Investors Make: Important Reminders During Market Volatility.” Do yourself a favor – read this report before making any moves in your investment accounts!

This report is free with our compliments. You can access it by entering your contact information below.

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