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2020 State Of The Markets

2019 was a bonanza for stock market investors, with the market shaking off its late 2018 drawdown and surging to new highs. But with a bruising election on the horizon, investors are left wondering  what may lie ahead.

We deliver a comprehensive report on the economy and stock market and discuss what investors can expect in 2020. 

Looking for a fresh perspective on the market and economy? Bring your family and friends to our State of the Markets presentation and learn from top portfolio managers Dave Haviland of Beaumont Capital and Gino Gabbianelli of PIMCO.

Space is limited. Reserve your ticket today by clicking here!

Date And Time:

Wed, March 4, 2020

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST


Capital Asset Management Group

1000 Potomac Street Northwest, #Suite 300

Washington, DC 20007

(240) 482-4000 | CLIENT LOGIN